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What is a Precious Metals IRA?

A precious metals IRA allows you to protect your retirement savings with the ultimate safe-haven assets: gold and silver. Your metals are held in the form of real coins and bars in an actual depository under your name and on your behalf. And when it comes time to take a distribution, you have the option to take delivery of the actual gold and silver itself.

The Treasure Island Precious Metals IRA Solution:

Treasure Island has teamed up with IRA custodian New Direction Trust Company and to offer a unique option for your IRA retirement goals. This arrangement enables us to provide our clients with the following benefits:

  • Fast and simple online account setup
  • Move funds from existing IRA accounts
  • Set up contributions/deposits online
  • 24/7 online access to IRA precious metals holdings reports
  • Buy or Sell Precious Metals within your self-directed IRA
  • Personal audit authority for your physical precious metals held at Dakota Depository in Fargo, ND. (IRA account holders must request audits through their IRA custodian.)
  • Fully segregated storage at no additional charge. (Segregated storage means that your assets are never co-mingled. The exact coins and bars put into your account are the exact same coins and bars that come out.)

Setting up a precious metals IRA is easy. Open an account with a provider listed here to start the process. If you prefer to handle things the old-fashioned way, please feel free to schedule a call with us.

Are you already using another self-directed IRA custodian that supports owning physical precious metals? We can work with them as well. Just ask!

How the process works:

    1. Create your account online, or complete and submit the IRA custodian supplied paperwork for the creation of your self-directed IRA.
    2. Fund the account online, or complete the proper forms to transfer funds from your existing IRA or Qualified Retirement Plan.
    3. Purchase your Precious Metals through our Online Store, or direct your Treasure Island broker to purchase precious metals for your IRA account.
    4. Initiate funds transfer online from your account to Treasure Island, or transmit a buy-direction letter to your IRA representative.
    5. Once funds are received from your self-directed IRA, the metals are delivered to your designated depository and the IRA investment is complete.*

*Annual storage fees do apply. Consult with the IRA custodian for fee schedules.

Before You Get Started

Please have the following information ready to begin the application and investment process:

  • Your legal name, date of birth, social security number, and physical address
  • Your phone number and email address
  • Your chosen beneficiary’s information, including name, date of birth, address, and social security number (you may elect to designate your beneficiary at a later time by selecting the appropriate box)
  • Determine the type of tax-deferred account to open (Traditional, Roth, SEP, 401(k), etc.)
  • A copy of your current IRA or retirement plan statement if you are transferring an existing IRA
  • The information for your current IRA custodian or plan administrator including their physical address, phone number/fax number, and your account number
  • Your credit card number with card security code and expiration date or a blank check (if you are choosing to pay your account establishment fees by credit card or electronic check online)

We Can Help

The Treasure Island Coins staff is comprised of a group of individuals with a common passion: educate our clients and help them expand their portfolios with precious metals. We feel that we offer more than a typical bullion dealer. We are well known for our personal approach, as well as our excellent customer service, great attention to detail, and competitive pricing.

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