U.S. 90% Pre-1965 Silver Coinage (Dimes and/or Quarters, in Increments of $1 Face Value)



Composition .900 Fine
Bulk Packaging Varies
Manufacturer United States Mint
Metal Content 0.715 Troy Ounce
Denomination $1 USD
IRA Eligibility No
U.S. 90% silver dimes and/or quarters (our choice). These coins were minted by the United States government for general circulation, in the days when our money was still commodity-based. They are composed of 90% pure silver, and 10% copper for hardness.

These coins are in circulated condition and you may find some coins that are quite worn. Due to the amount of wear that we typically find in bags of 90% silver coins, we price these coins based on a calculation of 0.715 ounce of pure silver per $1.00 face value. However, coins in their original, uncirculated condition contain 0.723 ounce of pure silver.

Minted by the the Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco Mints until 1964, these are an extremely popular and convenient way to purchase and hold silver. (Each $1 Face Value contains either 4 quarters or 10 dimes, and approximately 0.715 ounce of pure silver).

Volume Pricing
1+ Available As Early As 07/18/2024 $22.54