1/4 Ounce Gold American Eagle 2022



Composition .9167 Fine
Bulk Packaging Tubes of 40 Coins
Manufacturer United States Mint
Metal Content .25 Troy Ounce
Denomination $10 USD
IRA Eligibility Yes
The 1/4 troy ounce 2022 Gold Eagle is one of three fractional bullion Eagle coins minted by the U.S. Mint. The obverse showcases Saint-Gaudens’ legendary Lady Liberty along with the year. The reverse depicts the new eagle profile designed by Jennie Norris, the coin's troy weight, and nominal face value of $10. While containing a full 1/4 troy ounce of gold, the Eagle weighs a bit more than this, as it is coined in the traditional U.S. gold alloy of 91.67% gold, with the remaining mix in copper and silver.
Volume Pricing
1 - 19 Available As Early As 10/06/2022 $550.93
20 - 39 $549.68
40 - 119 $548.43
120+ $547.18