Terms And Conditions

By continuing to use this website, and/or by purchasing products from Treasure Island Coins, Inc., you agree that such use constitutes your agreement with all of the following:

Treasure Island Coins, Inc. (“TIC”), a North Dakota corporation, and Customer agree to the following terms and conditions.

TIC is a dealer of physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars (“Precious Metals Products”) and maintains bid and ask (buy and sell) pricing on most major Precious Metals Products traded within North America. This pricing is available on our website located at http://www.treasureislandcoins.com (“Website”) and can be obtained by inquiring with our trading desk by calling or texting 701-282-4747.

Placing Orders

TIC and Customer agree to engage in purchases and sales (“Trades”) of Precious Metals Products with one another from time to time, however neither TIC nor Customer are obligated to engage in any particular Trade. Once a Trade is agreed to, verbally, or through the use of our Website, or otherwise, TIC will email or physically deliver to Customer the details of the Trade. Customer agrees to promptly examine the details of any trades delivered notify TIC of any discrepancy within 72 hours. Customer and TIC each agree to settle each trade by delivering to the other party the Precious Metals Products or Currency as agreed to within the terms of any particular trade. Typical settlement (i.e.: shipment/transfer of Precious Metals Products or payment of currency) time from the date that TIC receives Precious Metals Products or Cleared Funds is between 2 and 7 business days unless otherwise noted on the trade in writing.


Orders which are placed through the Website indicate both in the shopping cart and during checkout the estimated earliest availability and shipping date of any particular order when paid by Cleared Funds, such as a bank wire or credit card. This date represents the earliest that an order may ship and is based on TIC’s inventory available within it’s warehouse in addition to TIC inventory in some stage of production, finishing, or transport. Other notices may also be prominently displayed to disclose any additional shipping delays which may be occurring, such as due to weather or excessive product demand.

Orders are firm commitments by both parties

Orders made with TIC cannot be cancelled. If you are unable or unwilling to complete your order, you may owe TIC money. Please read the following carefully:

Orders placed with TIC are firm commitments, in which TIC agrees to sell and Customer agrees to buy the specified precious metals products at the specified prices for delivery at the time and place as indicated within the Trade confirmation email. When TIC commits to sell precious metals to Customer, TIC does so on the basis of a live precious metals market price, which fluctuates throughout the day during normal COMEX and GLOBEX trading hours. In order to provide a live price to Customer, TIC must buy and sell precious metals upon the live market in real-time to cover all orders with all customers. As such it is not possible to cancel an order once it has been placed. In the event that Customer is unable or unwilling to complete the settlement and/or payment that has been committed to within a Trade confirmation (“Delivery Default”), Customer agrees that TIC may “unwind” the Customer’s commitment by purchasing back from Customer, in the event of a Delivery Default on a Trade which is a sale of Precious Metals Products to Customer, a (“Sale Trade Liquidation”), or by selling back to the Customer, in the event of a Delivery Default on a Trade which is a purchase of Precious Metals Products from Customer, a (“Purchase Trade Liquidation”) those Precious Metals Products which were confirmed in the Trade, a (“Sale Trade Liquidation”). Such a Trade Liquidation may result in a net balance due TIC. If the value of those Precious Metals Products purchased back from Customer in a Sale Trade Liquidation are less than the value at which those same Precious Metals Products were sold to Customer in their associated Trade, Customer shall owe to TIC any difference. Likewise, if the value of those Precious Metals Products sold back to Customer in a Purchase Trade Liquidation are greater than the value at which those same Precious Metals Products were purchased from Customer in their associated Trade, Customer shall owe to TIC any difference. A Delivery Default occurs when Customer confirms that Customer will not deliver their side of the Trade (either currency or Precious Metals Product) or when Customer actually does not deliver Precious Metals Product or currency within 10 days. Customer agrees that TIC may use any means to recover funds owed by Customer to TIC including, but not limited to, capturing any funds pre-authorized by TIC on a credit card account controlled by Customer, liquidating any asset belonging to Customer which is under TIC’s control, or by referring the matter to a professional debt collector or to a civil magistrate for judgment.

Pricing Errors

You agree that TIC has the right to correct or otherwise modify prices for products on orders if those prices are determined, at TIC’s sole discretion, to be incorrect as a result of inaccuracies, connectivity, or timing issues, etc., or other technical problems related to TIC’s electronic, e-commerce, or market data feed infrastructure or the upstream providers of such market data feeds and/or infrastructure.


Whenever Customer elects to use the payment method labeled “ACH” or “e-Check” during the checkout process on the Website, and provides bank routing and account information, Customer authorizes TIC to present debit entries for the bank account and financial institution identified by that information, for a payment of funds owed to TIC in the amount of the order being placed. Customer agrees and represents that Customer has legal authority to debit the bank account and that Customer will make no attempt to dishonor or reject the payment without prior written permission from TIC.


A refund will be issued in the event that TIC is unable to deliver any Precious Metals Products confirmed within a Trade within a reasonable amount of time following the Estimated Availability Date of the Trade.


Returns for exchange of like kind product will be honored for products which are damaged in shipping or that arrive in a condition not as described at the time of the Trade.


TIC guarantees the purity, authenticity, and accurate description of all Precious Metals Products sold by TIC.


TIC maintains shipping insurance and guarantees actual physical delivery of all Precious Metals Products sold to Customer subject to the Terms of Delivery.

Terms of Delivery

Customer agrees to provide TIC with an accurate shipping address and to be available to sign for the delivery of any Orders shipped to Customer by TIC, except for shipments containing less than $700 in value which do not require a signature or for the Customer to be present at the time of delivery. TIC shall provide Customer with carrier names and tracking numbers for all shipments made to Customer, by email or by phone, with which Customer will be able to access up-to-date delivery schedules from the carrier. Customer agrees that We or our agent may contact Customer by email, phone, or SMS to provide notification of shipment and delivery of any orders shipped to Customer, and that such contact by us will be sufficient notice for Customer to perform any obligations or preparations necessary to ensure a safe and successful delivery. Customer agrees to notify Us promptly of any discrepancies within 48 hours of any of the following: actual receipt; or, notification of delivery; or, the date of delivery shown by the tracking website of the carrier of record. 

If TIC does not receive such timely notice of loss or discrepancies with respect to a shipment, which is shown as delivered by the tracking website of the carrier of record (a “Completed Shipment”), such Completed Shipment shall be deemed have been actually completed by Us and Customer agrees to waive any rights to contest such shipment or to file a claim of loss for a Completed Shipment with TIC. Customer hereby releases TIC from any liability for damages Customer may incur as a result of Customer’s failure to timely notify TIC of actual or suspected losses or discrepancies related to a Completed Shipment.

Orders shipped are guaranteed and insured for replacement up until to point of actual delivery to the address provided by Customer. Keep in mind that our responsibility to guarantee and insure delivery to third party delivery facilities ends when delivery has been made to the facility by the carrier. This includes facilities and services such as private mailbox providers, a receptionist or delivery room at commercial facility, a general delivery area within a residential building, etc. However, shipments marked to be held for pickup at a FedEx or UPS-staffed location will be insured until actually picked up by the Customer or Customer’s agent. If you are unsure about whether a location is a FedEx or UPS-staffed location, please contact us.

Customer agrees to retain, and make available to TIC for inspection, the packaging and all packing material, included with any Completed Shipment from which a Customer claims product is missing.


Cleared Funds means those payments submitted by Customer which TIC considers to have fully and/or properly cleared normal banking channels and rules. TIC typically designates received payments as Cleared Funds after a certain number of days have elapsed since the receipt of such payment, such as found in the following list:

  • Physically Delivered Bullion: 0 days (Immediate)
  • Trade Credit / Cash / Wire / Credit Card / Bitcoin: 1 business day
  • Checks, ACH, Money Orders: 7 business days

Customer means any person using the Website or conducting business with TIC through the Website, as identified by the name, address, email, IP address, phone number, and any other information provided by such person in their use of the Website’s services.

Precious Metals Products means coins, bars, ingots, rounds, etc., made primarily of gold, silver, platinum, and/or palladium and whose value is determined primarily by the commodity market value of the underlying precious metal.